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"But… Tracy, i thought you were dead!"

"Ted, darling, it’s just been part of my master plan, i just wanted to protect you. Barney and Robin never got divorced, it was all a lie to hide the truth from you…"

"But… What? i don’t understand…"

"Surprise bitch…. i’m the next supreme."


Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, Disneyland Paris

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That one character you desperately want a plush of to cuddle with and that twinge of pain upon your brain telling you that they’re never going to be made into a plush…ever

This summer, put your phone away for a few days. Make some memories that no-one knows about. Make some memories that are just yours. (via thunderandlaughter)

Anonymous: I'm visiting the Disneyland resort next month for my first time ever and was wondering what the best food or snacks are there? In general or in your opinion :) Thanks!


I’m visiting DLR next month too! You can never go wrong at DLR when it comes to food, but if you’re only visiting for a day or two (like I am unfortunately), there are definitely some musts you need to try before heading home. Here’s a list of what I know are fan favorites (and personal favorites too)!

  1. Pomme Frites
    I’ve never actually had the chance to try some of these bad boys, but from what I’ve heard they’re to die for (did you catch that Lion King reference?)
    Found at: Cafe Orleans
  2. Mickey Beignets
    These soft doughy pillows of heaven come with two delicious dipping sauces. 
    Found at: Cafe Orleans, around the park
  3. Churros
    No trip to Disneyland is complete without a taste of one of their churros. You can get them at some snack carts or you can get them as bites with chocolate dipping sauce at the Cozy Cone Motel.
  4. Monte Cristo
    Deep fried heaven found at Cafe Orleans and The Blue Bayou.image
  5. Dole Whips
     I prefer the soft serve over the float, but I know Disneyland’s float actually comes with an adorable paper umbrella. 
    Found at: the Tiki Juice Bar
  6. Lobster Nachos
    This cheesy perfection goes perfectly with the view of Paradise Pier. 
    Found at: Cove Bar
  7. Mickey Pretzel/ Cream Cheese filled Pretzels
    My favorite carry-around-the-park snack. I usually get them at Refreshment Corner but they sell the Mickey pretzel at pretty much every cart around the parks.
  8. Bread Bowl w/ Clam Chowder or Gumbo
    As a San Francisco native, I know what great clam chowder tastes like and DLR definitely has it. My favorite is the Clam Chowder Bread Bowl at Pacific Wharf, but Royal Street Veranda’s Gumbo Bread Bowl amazing too.image
  9. Turkey Legs
    Some people hate them, but a trip to Disney is never complete for me without one of these. Not sure whether or not I’ll be having one this time around (I’ve been on a pescetarian diet since the start of 2014 that’ll last who knows how long), but I highly recommend them for any Disney fan. I think the ones at Disneyland taste better than those at WDW :)
    Found at: Carts around DLR
  10. Matterhorn Macaroons
    They’re a fan favorite. I don’t enjoy them as much (I’m more of a dark chocolate kind of person), but who can resist these picture-perfect treats?
    Found at: Jolly Holiday Bakery
  11. Ice Cream from the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor or Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream. Or of course you can always opt for a classic Mickey premium ice cream bar. 
  12. Legend has it Disneyland’s corn dogs are the best in the world. I think most would agree ;)
    Found at: Carts around DLR, Corn Dog Castle

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Making of the 140-Disney-Character ‘Ultimate Tweet’ (x)


James Baxter’s pencil animation for Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

A couple of amazing details in an already amazing sequence:

In the first GIF, watch the way Belle’s gown twirls and bunches as she spins. It’s such a lovely, nuanced touch.

In the second GIF, there are two things to make you swoon: First, the chalky white ruffles of the layered petticoat that Belle wears beneath her gown. Second, the delicate way Beast’s large paws hold Belle’s waist and hand. So, so romantic!


disney Frozen - character modeling (with the old version of Elsa)

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